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Bespoke Tailors in New York City

bespoke tailors in New York City

Bespoke tailors in New York City is a vast amount of bespoke tailoring in the city. Many of the more well-known visiting tailors (from England or Italy) travel around New York to meet clients. There is also a handful of tailors that are fully based in New York.

Most of these are more designer-led than the traditional houses of London and Italy, but there are some exceptions, including Leonard Logsdail, Joseph Genuardi (in Hoboken and Jersey), Yosel Tiefenbrun (a former Savile Row tailor) and others. The latter tend to make MTM suits and shirts, rather than true bespoke.

Mastering Style: The Art of Bespoke Suits in the Heart of NYC”

Other notables include Eddie’s Expert Tailor, a family business that does rush alterations and provides one-year guarantees. Its head fitter, Mimmo Spano, has been fitting for Savile Row tailors and also does a lot of work for fashion brands and celebrities.

The eponymous Martin Greenfield Clothiers in Brooklyn carries a unique heritage – its titular founder was orphaned during the Holocaust and then worked as a floor boy at the factory that still bears his name. Today it makes suits and jackets for a range of celebrities and productions, from Boardwalk Empire to The Great Gatsby.

The atelier of Joseph Genuardi is in a converted industrial building, which lends it an almost rebellious character. Genuardi was trained at a tailoring house in Philadelphia and then at Martin Greenfield Clothiers, but left to set up his own atelier in 2016. He is one of the few American-based tailors that upholds the canons of traditional bespoke, taking 18 body measurements, sketching the pattern on cloth, cutting, molding the canvas and hand stitching, with three or four fittings, and having trousers made by a separate trouser maker.

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