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How to Validate a List of Email Addresses

Validate list of email addresses is the process of identifying and removing invalid, invalid but safe, undeliverable and unknown email addresses from your list so you can send emails that will be delivered to your subscribers’ inboxes. It is also known as “cleaning” or “list hygiene”.

There are several different ways to validate your list of email addresses, such as real-time validation (which confirms each address at the point of opt-in) and double-opt-in, which requires that a user respond to a message asking them to verify their account and permission status before adding them to your mailing list. Both these methods reduce friction in the sign-up process and eliminate the need to add a captcha to your forms (which can be annoying to users, especially on mobile devices).

Ensuring Accuracy: Validate List of Email Addresses

Validating email addresses isn’t just about eliminating bad addresses, it’s also about improving deliverability by making sure that your emails are reaching their intended recipients. A clean and verified mailing list has a positive halo effect on your overall email program, making it easier to reach the inbox and increase ROI.

Invalid email addresses generate spam complaints, which can damage your reputation with ISPs. They can also clog up your servers and depress metrics like open, click and conversion rates. A regular email validation routine prevents these issues and ensures that your messages are reaching active, engaged subscribers. You should aim to validate your lists before every email marketing campaign, and as a best practice, you should also cleanse them quarterly or bi-annually to remove obsolete addresses that may have lapsed over time.

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