Cladding Sprayers

Cladding sprayers are designed to give a high-quality finish for the outer shell of your building. They’re ideal for a wide variety of applications, from industrial units to commercial properties and everything in between. These machines can help you get the best results for your cladding, whether it’s aluminium or uPVC. They’re also extremely cost-effective, allowing you to get the exact colour you need without spending too much money.

What is the Difference Between Laser Cladding and Thermal Spray?

There are many different ways to repair and remanufacture industrial components. However, it can be difficult to determine which method will be the most effective for your needs. Laser cladding and thermal spray both accomplish the same basic goal, but each has its own unique process that can improve the quality of your parts.

UPVC and metal cladding are susceptible to weathering and fading, which can be detrimental to the structural integrity of your property. Protecting your cladding with an expertly applied coating can extend its lifespan by years, helping you save on replacement costs in the future.

Our team of experts use specialized paints to coat and restore the exterior of your property’s cladding. We take the time to prepare your property, thoroughly cleaning and sanding the surface to ensure the coating adheres properly. We also mask areas that are not to be sprayed, as well as adjoining surfaces, to avoid overspray. We use a range of high-performance cladding coatings from top manufacturers, including Akzo Nobel and Tor Coatings. We also offer a product warranty of up to 15 years.

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