Day: March 16, 2024

Can You Buy a YouTube Play Button?Can You Buy a YouTube Play Button?

The buy YouTube play button is no, can you buy youtube play button. But it is possible to get one through the YouTube Creator Awards program. There are three levels of awards – Silver, Gold and Red Diamond – given to channels that reach certain subscriber milestones and pass a review by YouTube. You can find out more about the eligibility criteria here. The main thing is to have a content video channel that has been active for at least six months and is in compliance with YouTube’s terms of service. You also can’t have any current or past community guidelines violations or a history of being banned from the platform. YouTube will also reject applications for the award if your videos use other people’s clips excessively or violate copyright rules.

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You will receive an email from YouTube when you reach a milestone and you’ll need to click the link that says ‘claim your badge’. Then you can fill in a form to claim the physical reward. YouTube says it should arrive within a month of redeeming the badge.

It’s not a cheap reward, with the Silver Play Button costing £200. But it’s a great way to show off your achievements and show the world you are a serious YouTube creator. Plus, you can add it to your unboxing videos to make it even more special! It’s definitely something to aim for if you want to build a big YouTube following.